Final Conference Poznan, PL


Training School Barcelona, Spain

Workshop Preston, UK


Workshop Torino, Italy


Workshop Montpellier, France


Workshop Bucharest, Romania


Joint COST MP1105 and 2BFUNTEX MDT meeting, Tampere

Workshop Dubrovnik, Croatia

EMRS 2014 Fall Meeting, Warsaw


Workshop in EMPA


First Training School in Porto


Standardisation meeting in Bolton

Photos of the workshop in Naples


Photos of the workshop in Krakow


Photos of the workshop inIstanbul


Photos of the workshop in Maribor


Photos of the 1st scientific meeting for all 4 WG's in Creteil


Photos of the workshop in Twente



Photos Kick-off meeting in Brussels

<h3 style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Workshop "Electrospun Nanofibres in Textile Applications"<br />COST MP1105 in cooperation with COST MP1206</strong></h3>
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<li class="dates">May 30-June 1, 2013</li>
<li class="location">Istanbul, Turkey</li>
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